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Remote access to Virtual Library of Science (https://wbn.icm.edu.pl) resources

Employees and students can enter the base using any external connection. In order to do so, the user must have an account created by the WSG Library in the administration panel, by sending such a request by e-mail: biblioteka@byd.pl
Then the user enters the site: https://search.ebscohost.com/ and log in using the data sent by WSG Library employees.

About Ebsco
Ebsco covers a wide range of fields: scientific, technical, humanities, social, economic, business, medical and biomedical sciences. 15 databases, including 7 full-text databases containing scientific journals from various publishers, books, newspapers and other publications. 

ELSEVIER (ScienceDirect and Scopus)
Remote access is possible for WSG employees and students who have e-mail accounts in the byd.pl (employee) and student.wsg.pl (student) domain!
The user must create an individual account via the "Register" option on the sciencedirect.com or scopus.com server (the account is common for all Elsevier products) and then activate remote access to the resources at the bottom of the website. The above operations can be performed outside the academic network, but activation requires the use of an email address belonging to the address domain of the institution, i.e. email addresses:  name.surname@byd.pl (employee) or name.surname@student.wsg.pl (student).

About ScienceDirect
ScienceDirect is a leading full text scientific database offering articles and book chapters. Subjects include technical, mathematical and natural sciences, medicine, chemistry, physics, economics and many others. It contains selected Freedom Collection journals, including 1615 current titles with yearbooks from 1995 and 181 archival titles, 19 Cell and 4 Lancet journals and books: 1712 monographs from 2013 and 2014 and 803 volumes of book or guide series from 2011-2015.

About Scopus
SCOPUS is an interdisciplinary database of abstracts and quotations from approximately 23,000 journals, 145,000 books, book series, conference reports and patents. It includes abstracts and quotations from the field of mathematical-natural, medical and technical humanities.

The user should create an individual account via the "Sign up" option at the bottom of the page. Remote access will be automatically activated when the account is created, provided that the account is created during the connection from the academic network from the IP number registered to the licence by the institution.

About Springer
SPRINGER includes 2243 current journals and 453 archival journals, which have been made available since 2010 under a national academic license. Under the national academic license, Springer has an additional program allowing Polish authors to publish Open Access articles in Springer Open Choice hybrid journals free of charge. The scope of topics: Life sciences, science, medicine, economics, law, mathematics and computer science and technical sciences.

The user should set up an individual account by selecting the "Register" option under "Sign in", which is only possible during a connection from the academic network from an IP number registered to the licence by the institution and ensures automatic activation of remote access for 180 days. 

About Web of Science
An interdisciplinary collection of abstract and quotation databases from about 33,000 journals, including about 24,000 current, 60,000 books, conference reports and patents. The database package produced by Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters) has been available since 2010 under a national academic license.  The license covers all existing resources (basic WoS citation indexes and Citation Connection package) and Essential Science Indicators (ESI).

Access to the database resources only from WSG computers, verifies access by IP number.

About Nature/Science
The Nature and Science journals contain a wealth of knowledge in earth sciences and scientific research. 
Nature Magazine is available from the server of nature.com publisher. The license includes access to the yearbooks from 2010 onwards, which will be archived on a national server. The Science journal is available from the server of the American Association for the Advancement of Science publisher (see additional information about the journal). The license covers yearbooks from 1997 onwards without national archiving.

The user should create an individual account via the "Sign up" option: https://www.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/. If this operation is performed from the academic network from the IP number registered to the licence by the institution, the remote access will be automatically activated. Otherwise, you should log in to the account from your institution's network at least once, which is sufficient to activate remote access for 60 days.

About Wiley Online Library 
The Wiley Online Library contains articles from magazines and thousands of e-books (including encyclopedias) on almost all topics. The topics of the database include: Business, Finance and Management, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Education, Engineering, Law, Medical Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Psychology, Media and Humanities.

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