Przykładowe publikacje/Sample publications

1. Mental health and the pandemic 
2. Erasmus+. Alliances for innovation 
3. Erasmus+ Teacher Academies 
4. Using Massive Open Online Courses in schools. How to set up school-based learning communities to improve teacher learning on MOOCs 
5. Making the European education area a reality. State of affairs, challenges and prospects : research for CULT Committee 
6. On inequality 
7. SELFIE, adult learning and non-formal learning. A pre-feasibility study 
8. Teachers in Europe. Careers, development and well-being 
9. Youngsters and the EU. Perceptions, knowledge and expectations 
10. Toolkit for inclusive early childhood education and care. Providing high quality education and care to all young children 
11. How children (10-18) experienced online risks during the Covid-19 lockdown. Spring 2020 : key findings from surveying families in 11 European countries 
12. Higher education reform experts. Activity report 2019 
13. Hydrogen valleys. Insights into the emerging hydrogen economies around the world 
14. Evaluating the impact of nature-based solutions. A handbook for practitioners 
15. Arctic knowledge. Echoes from the North : conversations with Arctic indigenous people and others concerned 
16. Transport and environment report 2020. Train or plane? 
17. Plastics, the circular economy and Europe's environment. A priority for action 
18. Cohesion policy and climate change. Annex A : research for REGI Committee 
19. Future transitions for the bioeconomy towards sustainable development and a climate-neutral economy. Bioeconomy opportunities for a green recovery and enhanced system resilience 
20. Digital, greener and more resilient. Insights from Cedefop’s European skills forecast 
21. Research & innovation for accelerating food system transformation. Operationalising FOOD 2030 through living labs 
22. Future CO2 reducing technologies in VECTO. VECTO technology coverage and market uptake 
23. European research on environment and health. Projects funded by Horizon 2020 (2014-2020) 
24. Life and biological sciences and technologies as engines for bio-based innovation. Studies on support to research and innovation policy in the area of bio-based products and services 
25. Green hydrogen. Bridging the energy transition in Africa and Europe 
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1. Access City Award 2021 
2. Poznaj najnowsze przepisy dotyczące kontroli środków pieniężnych! 
3. Erasmus+ 2021-2027. Nowe perspektywy, szersze horyzonty : program UE na rzecz kształcenia, szkolenia, młodzieży i sportu 
4. Znak autentyczności. Unijne systemy jakości, które chronią autentyczne produkty rolne 
5. CORDIS results pack, zdrowie gleb 
6. Ochrona dzikich owadów zapylających w UE. Inicjatywy Komisji nie zaowocowały poprawą sytuacji. Sprawozdanie specjalne, nr 15, 2020 
7. Akredytacja Erasmusa 
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